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New Drive Medical Easy Rider Mobility Scooter.

The Drive Medical Easy Rider Mobility Scooter is the best choice in long-distance travel, offering amazing comfort features, providing miles of travel from a single battery charge and earning its namesake with a highly accessible control system. 


Once you own your very own Easy Rider Mobility Scooter, you’ll get to enjoy all these benefits:


Comfortable riding

You don’t want to be riding around town on a sore posture, which is why the Drive Easy Rider Mobility Scooter is specially designed to be luxuriously comfortable for all users. The seat of the scooter is sport style and comes with rotating and reclining functions to help users get on the scooter and get comfortable.
The seat is easy to adjust, as are the armrests, headrest and handle bars, so you can lean back and comfortably grip the handle bars – giving you enhanced comfort without compromising your level of control.


Long-lasting trips


As well as being safe and comfortable, the Easy Rider Mobility Scooter also comes with enough juice to allow 31 miles or continuous travel with one full battery charge. This means that you can leave your home, get your daily errands done, return home, and still have more than enough left over to travel elsewhere in the evening without charging. 
This mobility scooter can get your errands done quicker too. This scooter is capable of reaching speeds of 8mph, helping you stay on top of your schedule.


Easy operation


You don’t have to be technically minded to ride this user-friendly mobility scooter. The Easy Rideris designed to be instantly accessible to anyone who rides it, regardless of age or disability. This model comes built with advanced telescopic front motorbike suspension, which makes turning sharply quick and easy.
For complete ease of access we incorporated an illuminated LED control system with a twin dial digital dash to make everything easy to see and understand. The controls even let you activate a built-in trip computer – complete with odometer – which measures the distance that you’ve travelled.


Safety features


The Drive Easy Rider Mobility Scooter is designed with enhanced safety in mind. The user of this scooter has access to a throttle lever that comes fitted with a safe automatic braking system. This will help you come to a complete stop without delay or hazardous skidding. 
To give users greater visibility, this mobility scooter comes fully equipped with twin adjustable rear view mirrors, plus comprehensive front and rear lighting to help users see better and other motorists see the scooter in the dark.

The Drive Medical Easy Rider Mobility Scooter is designed to take the user wherever they need to go, regardless of terrain or inclination. The Easy Rider can climb even the steepest hills without tipping over, thanks to the rear anti tip wheels and the anti rollback system featured in the design. 

Built as a Class 3 mobility scooter the Drive Medical Easy Rider Mobility Scooter is designed to feature everything that anyone could need in a Luxury mobility scooter, with some added bonus features on the side. Choosing an Drive Medical Easy Rider Mobility Scooter is the safest and most reliable choice in mobility vehicles. For unparalleled safety, speed, comfort and accessibility, thisEasy Rider Scooter is a must-have.

    • Top speed of 8mph* 
    • Maximum range of 31 miles on full battery charge* 
    • Comfortable rotating sport style seat with sliding and reclining facility 
    • Height adjustable headrest and width and angle adjustable armrests to suit user requirements 
    • Angle adjustable handle bars allows comfortable positioning for the user 
    • Throttle lever with automatic safe-braking system 
    • Additional Hand Brake for added security 
    • Telescopic front motorbike suspension for optimal handling 
    • Excellent manoeuvrability and turning circle for use in small areas and busy environments 
    • Illuminated controls feature a twin dial digital dash 
    • Trip computer with odometer for measuring distance travelled 
    • Easy to use LED controls 
    • All round lighting, including large headlight, front/rear indicators and rear brake lights to improve outdoor visibility at dusk or when dark 
    • Twin adjustable rear view mirrors for extra visibility 
    • Large accommodating footwell with anti-slip rubber mat 
    • Motorbike style wheels with modern chrome mud guards 
    • Rear bumper provides additional protection 
    • Rear anti tip wheels as standard 
    • Lap belt included for added safety 
    • Large seat back storage pocket for keeping essentials safe when out and about 
    • Anti roll back system safety device prevents scooter from rolling backwards on hills 
    • Freewheel facility allows movement of scooter without switching the motor on 
    • Optional lockable and removable rear pannier box 
    • Recommended MK batteries: 2 x 12V 79Ah or 2 x 12V 100Ah** 
    • Weight capacity 180kg (28st)
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